Career Opportunuties

A civil engineer is required where at least one type of construction is needed. In our developing and growing country, which needs dynamic workforce, well-trained civil engineers who will provide the urban growth with the planned and right social strategies are in demand. Therefore, construction engineers have opportunities to find jobs. Although some of the civil engineering work occurs in the office, an important part of the work occurs in the field of application.

The construction sector consists of 46.1% of total investments in Turkey. Construction sector encourages more than 200 sub-sectors which are under the construction sector to produce. The construction sector contributes greatly to the country with the use of intensive workforce. Therefore, civil engineers’ fields of study are broad.

Civil Engineers ;

• In construction project design offices, 

• In the construction sector, which has consulting service units, 

• In the Universities and research institutions, academics, or as R & D personnel,

• In the State Railways, Highways, State Hydraulic Works, Provincial Bank, Ministry of Public Works in all   official institutions, such as construction offices,

In the construction of buildings such as housing, offices, hotels, building industrial structures, roads,   dams, airport, port, water transmission lines, and bridge construction, companies that provide contracting   services, can find jobs easily.